In this phase we help increase motion based on our findings in the analyzing phase.

In this phase our Focus is to increase motion, based on our findings in the analyse phase.

Our goal is to keep you mobile. Restricted joints and muscles can cause pain and loss of functional movement. After being diagnosed, we are ready to begin the process of getting you back to what you love doing! Based on what the exam tells our chiropractors, they will then focus to treat you accordingly by soft tissue work, active release technique, and spinal or extremity manipulations. Other techniques such as graston, cupping, or muscle flossing may be included in your treatment. Graston can help break up scar tissue allowing more range of motion. Cupping will assist by increasing blood flow, lifting the skin from the surface of the muscle, in turn improving the healing process of the muscle tissue. Muscle flossing is a compression therapy that targets stiff joints and tight muscles. Chiropractic adjustments, or manipulations, will restore proper motion to a joint that is not moving properly. Our doctors will put the joint and muscle through passive or active movement while under compression to get the best benefits for you. In Spokane, we want to provide the best services and techniques of treatment for you.




Active release technique




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Muscle flossing


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