As an Olympian, 2 times USA champion and 3 times IAAF World Championship finalist I find great pleasure in being able to highly recommend Dr. Asdrubal Lopez for any and all of Team USA’s medical staffs. Dr. Lopez assisted me in running the fastest time that I’ve ran in 3 years after giving birth to my daughter. I went in for an adjustment before my semi final race at the 2014 USA championships and Dr. Lopez was very knowledgeable, helpful and eager to work on me. He checked my entire body out to make sure everything was functioning properly.

He discovered that I had an issue with my left toe. I knew there was an issue with my left toe prior to sitting on his table but I didn’t think I needed to mention it. I had decided to just run thru it. To make a long story short, Dr. Lopez identified the issue without me even mentioning there was a problem. He worked on my toe and helped resolve the injury. His treatment on my toe allowed me to have less pain, more flexibility and full use of my toe. Dr. Lopez gave me a complete tune up before my race, resolved my injury with my toe, made sure every muscle I needed to run fast was firing and he also gave me a great adjustment. If I could bring Dr. Asdrubal Lopez to every race I ran I would because he is just that awesome!

Dr. Lopez has an awesome personality and he is a people person. He is one of the best doctors that I’ve ever worked with and I would love for him to work on me in the future.

Tiffany Williams

Video Testimonials

Beckett Schoenleber

I go to [Dr Lopez] because I used to have achilles tendonitis, and now we’re preventing it from getting worse. Dr. Lopez encouraged me to do this race today. I beat the kid who beat me last race by 10 meters.

Rob Bault

I started having some lower back problems. I found Dr. Lopez at Summit Chiropractic…he’s got my back doing a lot better.

Katie Clarizio

Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute hosted a training group for the Hayden Lake Triathlon, 2014. Participants included the Summit staff and also some patients, who trained on a rigorous schedule for 17 weeks prior to the triathlon. Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute specializes in general and sports related musculoskeletal conditions.

Marlene Lock

Probably about once or twice a month I go to Dr. Lopez to get adjusted to keep my spine where it needs to be. In gardening, which is one of my favorite hobbies, there’s always plants to plant…it’s just so much easier to do it without pain.

Kai Wilmot

A few years ago I was having some back pain, I found Summit Chiropractic and went out there and saw Dr. Lopez, and they’ve been helping me out pretty much ever since…I would recommend Summit Chiropractic to anyone, athlete or not.