Functional Rehabilitation Exercises


At Summit Chiropractic our rehabilitation exercises are the foundation of our stabilization phase. Dr. Lopez and his team of chiropractors use scientifically proven and employed techniques that strengthen and stabilize the tissue surrounding an injury to get you healed and back to living your life. We want rehab to be an enjoyable experience and for you to learn as you go. Performing the Functional Movement Screen before beginning rehab allows us to educate you about any outstanding limitations or movement compensations. You’ll receive a printed-out report that explains each of your results and scores. In Phase 1 our goal is to perform isolation and stability exercises to target muscles specifically. From there, we move into Phase 2 where more resistance, weights, and advanced exercises are incorporated. Once your body is able to handle more intensity, we transition into the final phase. Here, we challenge you with more dynamic and plyometric exercises that include resistance and/or weight. The end goal of this chiropractic technique is to get you back to performing the daily activities or sport that you enjoy. It is important to test the body while undergoing more difficult and strenuous exercises so we can make sure you are having a strong and healthy response. We end rehab by re-assessing with the FMS. When released from treatment, you will take home your updated FMS scores and a home exercise protocol to follow on your own.

Unlike other chiropractic clinics, we don’t limit ourselves to just spinal manipulation. Here at Summit Chiropractic, we also utilize functional rehabilitation regularly with our patients. Functional rehabilitation uses a series of exercises designed to strengthen muscles and tendons, improve stability and prevent injuries.

Dr. Lopez believes functional rehabilitation provides a treatment complementary to spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation helps increase and restore joint motion. Functional rehabilitation helps stabilize and strengthen the affected joint.

Dr. Lopez creates customized rehabilitation programs for each individual patient at Summit Chiropractic. All exercises are tailored to the patient’s specific needs and ailments, and they’re done at a one-on-one level until progress is achieved. At that point, Dr. Lopez may prescribe a detailed home rehabilitation program for patients to follow.


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