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ACL Injury Prevention Camp

We know that young athletes from the ages of 12 to 18 have a higher chance of tearing their Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). We also know that females are 4 to 6 times more likely to tear their ACL compared to males. The great news is that research has shown that specific ACL evaluations and programs have shown to help reduce the rate of injury.

ACL Injury prevention program is 6 weeks long and designed to correct lack of normal biomechanics and muscular control that athlete demonstrate. The program is focused on specific drills emphasizing form, strength, balance and flexibility. The primary goals for these drills are to retrain the athlete’s body to jump, land and cut more efficiently to decrease the risk of injury.

This program decreases the risk of an ACL tear, but there is no brace or program that eliminates risk of injury.

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Speed & Agility

Agility is the ability to change direction quickly without losing any speed or control. This principle applies to any sport, making it key to training. Speed and agility must be implemented in pre-season and in season practice. This principle will help your athletes, move better, move faster and increase their performance.

-Group sessions- Call for price. This will depend on number of athletes. If the group is larger the price per individual will decrease.

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Strength and Conditioning

This group training class or individual training session is designed for individuals who are interested in improving strength, muscle and performance. Olympic lifts and plyometric exercises are a great way to improve strength and power, but they are also a great way to get hurt. We see so many patients who come in to our clinic because they got hurt lifting weights. Technique and posture are the key to power and conditioning. In this class we will help you get the results you are searching for. In sports, this class is a MUST. As you enter college or a professional team you will be expected to do these lifts and exercises, so start now and be ready to get to the next level.

-1 hour session- $65
– Team Training- Call for price. This will depend on number of athletes. If the group is larger the price per individual will decrease.

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Personal Training

One-on-one personal training sessions are for any age, shape or athletic ability, Our clients are those looking for personal accountability and a sense of direction with their workouts. Time is priceless, that is why we choose the most efficient exercises that are tailored to your goals, if that is losing weight, gaining muscle or just simply to stay in shape. One thing that we guarantee is that you will see results if you follow our workout guidelines and nutritional advice.

Our workouts consist of suspension training, functional training and core stability. We train your body to handle real-life and sport-specific situations while getting an intense workout. Come prepared to get a great workout.

-1 hour session- $65
-8 session punch card for -$ 280 ($35 an hour)