Zac Gassman


Dr. Gassman is a graduate of Logan University in St. Louis, MO where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During his time at Logan University, he specialized his education in order to best serve athletes as well as active individuals by also completing his Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. While in school he had the opportunity to perform a rotation through the University Human Performance Center, focusing on recovery of athletic injuries and the transition into performance care. During this opportunity, he was able to care for athletes involved in multiple sports at several universities throughout the St. Louis area. Since graduation in 2018, Dr. Gassman has been working with the athletes in Spokane here at Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute. He has worked with individuals and athletes at all levels including youth, high school, D1 college, and professional athletes both in the clinic, as well as community events and larger competitions, such as the USGA US Open and sidelines at D1 football games. He is a certified provider through the Titleist Performance Institute. He also has certifications through the Titlist Performance Institute (TPI), McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM), and Biomechanical Kinesiology Taping, all providing different tools that allow him to get his patients back to their full potential.




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