November 23, 2022

Which Type of Headache I Have in Spokane Valley, WA

How To Tell Which Type of Headache I Have | Chiropractor for Headaches in Spokane Valley, WA

The three most common headaches that we see here at Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute is your tension headaches. And then we see our migraine headaches. And then also cervicogenic headaches, those are the three main ones that we see, they’re all a little different, they do have some similarities together.

So the first one is your tension headache. This is actually the most common headache that we that we see, in our practice, this is a headache that you’re going to usually see that’s going to stem from your shoulders, you’re going to some tightness from stress, just tension, sometimes it could also be a restriction in one of your vertebrae, that can cause also a restriction, which leads to tightness in the muscle, and based because of that tightness, then you’re going to notice the headache, the stems from the shoulders.

So the most common symptoms that we see, you know, with a tension headache, is we’re going to notice, you’re gonna notice pain that starts in the shoulders, and then it radiates into your head, the radiation that you will see is going to be basically you’re going to feel like there’s like a headband that’s wrapping around your head. And normally with these type of headaches, that could be daily, or up to five headaches within a week, you could get some nausea with these. But the main classification, or symptom that we see with these is the really that the band that that you feel like there’s something like pressure that’s going all around your head, almost like you have a band.

The second type of headache that we see is a migraine. Migraines can be a little different. There’s different kinds of migraines. And that could be another video, you know, because there’s so many different forms, but the main one that we normally see, it’s the headache, usually it’s more of a throbbing type of pain, and usually the throbbing you’re gonna feel you’re gonna feel it or you’re gonna sense it on the on your temples. And most of these headaches, it’s not like your tension where you’re gonna get whole bunch of them and or that could be daily or about five a week with a migraine headache. Usually it’s about one to two a month. And so that’s another differentiator between those two type of headaches. So patients with a migraine headaches will experience the symptom usually have an aura, which basically is a good transparent, like little halo that you’ll see like in your, in your vision is not very common, but we do see those with within some of our patients.

The third type that we see, it’s our cervicogenic headache, and the cervicogenic headache can also be kind of like a tension headache, but the difference is it starts from the neck. So people will present with neck pain, and then they’ll notice that the pain radiates forward, almost like a helmet that wraps around into your forehead and sits there. And some of these headaches can also you can get them around three to five headaches a week as well. And they’re going to be more of an achy type of headache. But, but the differentiator on this is that it starts in the neck and it wraps forward. It can also cause a little bit of nausea.

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