November 23, 2022

Get Rid of Headaches For Good in Spokane Valley, WA

How to Get Rid of Headaches For Good | Chiropractor for Headaches in Spokane Valley, WA

Hey guys, this is Dr. Lopez from Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute. We’re here just to help out and give some free advice and some information on different topics. Today’s topic that we’re going to cover is going to be headaches.

With headaches, there’s a lot of people that get headaches. And in our profession of being Chiropractors, we see quite a few of them. There’s over 45 million of people in the United States get headaches, and then most of these people actually will get anywhere up to 15 headaches and more a month. So that’s definitely a huge issue. And so with with our profession, we’re definitely able to take care of those. And today we’re going to talk about some of the different causes that bring on headaches.

The most common cause that we see is what we call musculoskeletal headaches. And these are basically the headaches that stem from having neck pain, or having like tension in your muscles, or sometimes even like nerve pain, you know, that can that can also lead to, to these different types of headaches. Some of them can actually be environmental, which means that, you know, weather, allergies, sometimes even hormones can cause headaches, that can be hormonal, sometimes we see these, you know, during menstrual cycles, and stuff like that. So those are some other common symptoms.

Concussions can be another another form of a headache. And sometimes after a car accident, we do see headaches after that as well. Those are acute post traumatic headaches. So a lot of times one of the things that what we look at is the symptoms that you’re feeling what the headaches, it’s really your body telling you that there’s something wrong, that there’s something going on. So it’s our job to go through and analyze everything, so that we can get down to the root cause to see which one of these factors could be causing the headaches that you’re suffering from. So once we’ve done the exam and our mobility screen, then we know we can come with a diagnosis. And then once we have that diagnosis, then we can move into our treatment portion of our care which are mobilized space. And that mobilized phase really what we focus on is we focus on mobility, just kind of what it sounds like when people hurt or when you have these headaches is because there’s some form of a restriction or a contraction in the tissue.

So our goal is to maximize movement, so that we can decrease pain. What causes the pain most of the time is that you’re trying to move or become active when there’s a contraction. So anytime you force that movement, and there’s a restriction and you go past that barrier, then your pain level goes up. But once we gained a motion, the range of motion goes up, and the pain level drops. And so that’s really the focus of this of this phase of our care. And in this phase, really what we focus on is, that’s what chiropractic comes in a while we can get mobility back in the joint, we do a lot of muscle work, so that we can get movement back into tissue, which is a lot of times the leading cause of some of these headaches. So we’ll do some cupping, we’ll do active release technique, which is a soft tissue movement, that that adds mobility, we added massage therapy to this as well, we do muscle flossing as well, which is a type of technique, a compressive technique to help us break up scar tissue. So a lot of these treatments that we do is really to give us that the goal of gaining that mobility so that we can decrease your pain.

So once we’ve gained that range of motion, and then we’ve decreased that pain, we want to keep that there, which leads us to our third core philosophy, which is our stabilized phase. And the stabilized phase really is what it sounds is we’re gonna do some stability exercises, so that we can strengthen your neck, your mid back, wherever the headache is stemming from. So that way these headaches can stay away where we can minimize them. So the purpose of these exercises is to minimize these headaches, or to make them be less frequent. So as we put these three things together, the analyze the mobilizing the stabilize, we at Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute have had some amazing results in treating headaches and helping them stay away.

So obviously, we have talked a little bit about kind of how we analyze how we mobilize and how we stabilize these headaches. But you know, there’s a lot of other types of headaches. So if you are experiencing some of these symptoms, and some of these headaches resonate with you, you know, obviously give us a call and or see your nearest chiropractor to kind of help them evaluate them and get you taken care of. But if you are experiencing like the worst headache that you’ve ever had in your life, or a headache that’s just not going away and it’s pretty intense. Something that just seems abnormal, then you should probably seek immediate medical attention

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